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How to Conduct your First Ever Live Virtual Event Successfully Without any Hassle in 2022 [Before-During-After Event Checklist Included]

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Conducting a Virtual Event can be scary, especially for first timers as it has many moving parts. There are many things that one needs to keep in mind.

But it is the fastest way to show your expertise and persuade people to buy from you. Hence, it can’t be ignored.

So to help you with this and get you started in this information and community-building age, I have curated a checklist that will guide you in every step of your journey.

It will help you to Position your Workshop, Set-up your Systems, Sell your Events ticket, Get the maximum number of people to show up & overall conduct your first-ever workshop flawlessly.

This post is a combination of Checklist and Mini-checklists.

For each action that you need to take for conducting a successful virtual event, I have included a Mini-Checklist that will guide you in that step, leaving no chance of you messing up your first-ever event.

Let’s start with the 10-pointer checklist.

10-Pointer Checklist for Conducting your Virtual Event Flawlessly

Create Your Unique Positioning

There is too much crowd in the marketplace and everyone is doing a virtual event (webinars, workshops, conferences, etc).

So, to create your own identity and separate yourself from your competitors so that people attend your event, you need to position your virtual event differently than what the market does.

You don’t want your event to be another event that people attend and leave without taking action. Thus, you need to do things differently and create your unique positioning.

This can be achieved by doing the following things:

  1. Observe your Competitors, Industry Personal and Find Ideas for Positioning Your Workshop: Find out how people are positioning their events. What is their name & tagline for the event, what promise they are giving to their audience, what is the format of the event, and how they are positioning themselves and differentiating from others? This will give you ideas of what you can do for your virtual event.
  2. Create Name & Bold Promise using the observation & your industry knowledge: Now it’s time to create your positioning. Remember your Bold Promise should be transformational as that will encourage people to register.


Title: A 14-Day Attraction Marketing Challenge
Bold Promise: Make Customers Reach Out to you rather than you reaching out to them

Title: Unleash the Power Within
Bold Promise (The name itself suggests that we are going to discover our innermost power and will own our future after attending the event)

Finalize the Structure for Your Virtual Event

Decide on what you are going to teach in the workshop and how you are going to deliver them. How will you ensure that people get the maximum value from your event?

The decision on the format is taken by looking at your ticket size. If the price of your product is on the higher side, then you would need to break more barriers in persuading people to buy from you will take. One will get motivated to purchase when they are absolutely clear that you can help them achieve what they want.

Thus, you would need to spend more time with the audience, so a multi-day workshop will work for you than a webinar.

You would need to take a call on this at the start after finalizing your unique positioning.

  1. Decide your Event Format
    • PAID or FREE
    • 5-Day Challenge, 2-Day Conference, 1-Day Workshop or Webinar
  2. Create your Exact Schedule (What you will Teach & in how much time) for the Workshop

Create a Persuasive Landing Page for Your Virtual Event

Let people know what things they are going to get when they register for your event. Use the below checklist to create a Funnel that guides people to join your event and remain excited about what they are going to witness.

How awesome their experience will be. What transformation they will achieve when they register for your workshop?

  1. Title, Tagline & Bold Promise
  2. Landing Page Video
  3. Call To Action
  4. Featured In Section
  5. Testimonials & Case Studies
  6. The secrets you are going to Unravel in the Workshop
  7. Workshop Schedule
  8. What’s Included (Main Offer + Bonuses)
  9. Who is it For?
  10. About Us 
  11. What People are Saying About You
  12. Last Pitch & Making it a No Brainer Offer by giving some kind of Guarantee

Remember: Check that your Landing Page is both Mobile & Desktop Optimized

You can create your Landing Page & Webinar using FlexiFunnels.

You can use the following post to write your persuasive copy fast: How To Write A Persuasive Sales Copy – FAST

Examples: You can also use the below examples for creating the page

Virtual Event Codex by Peng Joon
Unleash the Power Within by Tony Robbins
The Internet Moguls Workshop by Avi Arya

Create Facebook Ads and Drive Traffic

I have included a basic version of a Facebook checklist which will help you recall all things you have done or need to do.

You can create a similar checklist for other traffic sources as well so that you don’t miss any key components.

  1. Create your Audience
  2. Create your Messaging
  3. Shoot & Edit Videos for the Ads
  4. Create Ad Graphics
  5. Set up your Conversion Event
  6. Launch your Funnel after Double Cross-Checking

Social Media Promotions

Apart from Paid Traffic, focus on bringing in registrations from your Social Media Channels.

Promote your virtual event through Content Creation, Reels, Stories, Lives, Posts, etc.

Start with giving people value and also building up on all things they are going to learn in the event. Give them an overview of each topic.

Get people excited and drive them to register through your landing page. You should also do the same and invite people from your Facebook groups.

Since this is your first-ever event, that probably means your following is less. No problem, still your effort should be high.

You will get fewer registrations but a single person can also change the dynamics for you.

Create Email Sequences

For these kinds of purposes only it is recommended that we should start collecting leads from Day 1 and keep them engaged using Email Marketing.

This will help you to get more Warm leads (who know about you) to register for your workshop. Hence, the chance of conversion increases for your main offer.

Use the below checklist for setting up the invitation, reminder system, homework emails, and post-event emails:

Invitation Series (For People Who have registered)

  1. Create a Series of Invitation + Value emails (Pre-Framing the Audience) + Encouraging People to fill up the pre-workshop survey
  2. Create a Tag for the people who register for your event + Link it with Zapier (any Advance Integrator)
  3. Create an Automation so that anybody is added to the tag, a series of Invitation + Value emails triggers
  4. Create 3 Day Wise Reminder Emails with the live link to join the workshop (1 day before, 4 hours, 1 hour left, We are Live)

Promotional Series (Your own Data Base)

  1. Create 3 email series of Value Emails & add CTA as Register for the Workshop
  2. Create 2 emails directly promoting your Workshop to your List (Gentle Reminder Emails)

Day End Emails

  1. Create day-end emails for each day (Crux of what they learned + Homework for the day + Link for Submission + Benefit of Completing the Homework)

Post Workshop Emails (To the Registered people)

  1. Create an email asking for feedback (Workshop Survey)
  2. Create a Direct Sale email (Highlighting Testimonials + Offer)
  3. Create an email to schedule a call with you or your helpers in case of any queries

Set-up SMS + Calls

People are busy. They register with excitement but life happens and sometimes they might forget about your event. So what’s the point of you spending money when they wouldn’t attend your virtual event?

Thus to remove this you should also set up SMS & Automated Calls so that by any means they don’t miss your event.

For Sending Bulk SMS it is mandatory by the Indian Government that we need to do DLT Registration.

Use the mini-checklist below to set up the SMS & Call Reminder system. Have highlighted the important pointers here.

  1. Complete your DLT Registration (You can use Vilpower for the same)
  2. Get Header & Templates Approved
  3. Setup the SMS software (I prefer SMS Horizon) & Buy the trans package
  4. Integrate SMS software with Zapier (so that if anybody registers they get a confirmation SMS)
  5. Schedule Reminder SMS for each day (1 day before, 1 hour before, Live)
  6. Integrate with Zapier for the Offer (to send an SMS when someone buys your product)
  7. Setup Obligr (for automated calls) & Buy a Non-API Package
  8. Schedule a Call for 15 minutes before the workshop each day for reminding people to join the workshop on time 

WhatsApp Setup + Messages

People get distracted easily. You won’t want them to miss your event by any means.

Hence, apart from Emails, Calls & SMS, you need to also set up reminder systems on WhatsApp.

You could any other platform like Telegram or Facebook group, but since WhatsApp helps us to establish deeper connections and people are majorly active on it, I would suggest going for this.

Below is the mini-checklist that you need to keep in mind:

  1. Create a WhatsApp Group & Link it with Thank you Page
  2. Change Image & Description
  3. Change the settings to allow only Admins to message in the group so that group decorum is maintained
  4. Important: Change the group link on Thank You Page, Emails & SMS once the group count exceeds 200
  5. Create the following WhatsApp Messages:
    • Welcoming Message along with Orientation Video & Pre-Survey Form & Link to join the FB grp
    • Share the Schedule for the Virtual Event with a Link to the sessions (Various Times a Day)
    • Inviting people each day with a link and what they are going to learn (plus why they shouldn’t miss attending it live)
    • After each day ends: Create a message which contains the Crux of what they learned + Homework for the day + Link for Submission + Benefit of Completing the Homework
    • Message for Inviting people to the Doubt Demolition Session 
    • Inviting people to the Application Call
    • Message for asking people to schedule a call with your team in case of any doubts 
    • Motivating and Pushing them to schedule a call or enroll in the program (Giving it a form of golden opportunity)

Backend Automations through Zapier

All the Online Tools you have used for making this virtual event a success will be wasted if they don’t work together. For this purpose, you need an Integrator in between which helps you to combine various tools together and create an awesome experience.

You can Zapier for this purpose which is the best in the market.

Use the mini-checklist below to Remember the Sequence of Integration you need to do For Both your Workshop & Main Offer for every case scenario i.e (Part Payment+ Discounts + Full Payment).

The sequence in which the integration should be made is:

  1. Instamojo, Razorpay (Payment Gateway), For collecting payments (in case of the paid workshop) or Landing Page Builder (in case of free or if integration is available with these gateways)
  2. Google Sheet (For Collecting contact details of the registrants in one place)
  3. Zoom (For sending automatic reminders from the software)
  4. Email Software Tagging (After which Email Automation Runs)
  5. SMS Software (For sending automatic Welcome SMS)

If you don’t want to use Zapier, then not a problem. You can use FlexiFunnels instead as it will not only help you to easily do these Integrations but also help you create Landing Page, Membership Area, and Funnels and it has many more benefits. It will let you save on multiple Tools. 
Check out my Complete Review of the FLEXIFUNNELS to make an Informed buying decision.

Creating Presentation

You have put in all these efforts of setting up systems, creating landing pages, setting up reminders, creating content, and planning and have succeeded in bringing in lots of registrations as well.

You have done this to help people transform and in the end, buy your offer.

Thus your presentation needs to be top-notch otherwise all the effort goes to vain.

Your objective should be to help people to get results and achieve some kind of transformation that will inspire them to continue on this journey with you.

Below is a checklist that will help you in creating a persuasive presentation. Include them in sequence

  1. Title & Bold Promise of the Event
  2. What they are going to learn along with a Hook to End (a valuable thing they will get if they wait till the end)
  3. Ground Rules
  4. Main Content (Theoretical Knowledge for All Learnings)
  5. Live Activities & Homework (Action points of the attendees so that they get some results)
  6. Pitch
  7. Testimonials & Case Studies
  8. No Brainer Offer

Feel free to modify and add your own elements as that will only help you to attract the right audience and you will be able to express yourself in a better manner.

Your Vibe will attract your Tribe

Virtual Event Checklist
Take this Virtual Event Checklist with yourself, if you find it useful and desire


I know after reading this post you would be feeling overwhelmed with all this information.

But don’t when worry when you will start with the process, everything else will be sorted out.

Most important thing is to Start and focus on progressing rather than achieving perfection. Once you do this and will conduct your 1st event, your self-confidence will skyrocket.

From next time onwards you will be setting up everything and finding better ways to do certain things.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions relating to the Virtual event. I would be more than happy to help you out.

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