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Jonathan Montoya’s 10-Day Short Video Traffic Challenge: My Top Learnings

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Recently I joined the Traffic Challenge by Jonathan Montoya where he has brought 6-7 Figure Affiliates and Entrepreneurs who are providing Training during this Challenge.

The goal of this Challenge is to 10x Your Leads, Sales, and Traffic for FREE and Start Creating Content Consistently.

Here are my Top Learnings from the 10 Days.

Day 1: 0 to 6 Figures Super Simple Content GamePlan by Emily Walcott

The journey to mastering short video traffic strategies kicked off with a bang as Emily Walcott, an industry expert, shared invaluable insights on creating a content game plan that can take you from 0 to 6 figures. Let’s dive into the top learnings from Day 1:

1. The 3×3 Evergreen Content Creation Strategy

Emily emphasized the importance of a structured content creation strategy. She introduced the ‘3×3 Evergreen’ concept, a simple yet powerful approach (especially for someone new).

The grid is explained in the video. Watch it to get the complete picture.

2. Don’t Talk About the Product, But the Problem it Solves

One of the standout takeaways was to shift your focus from product-centric content to problem-centric content. Emily stressed that people are more interested in solutions to their issues. So, instead of showcasing your product directly, highlight the problems it effectively resolves.

3. People Want a Story that Changes Lives: Give Them Yours

Storytelling is an art that can’t be underestimated. Emily encouraged participants to share their personal journeys and experiences. People connect with stories that resonate with them, and this human touch can significantly boost engagement and trust.

4. No Testimonials: Talk About Your Experiences

Testimonials are good, but personal experiences are even better. Instead of relying solely on what others say about your product or service, share your own experiences with it. This authenticity builds credibility.

5. Film Yourself Daily: Track Your Progress

Consistency is key in the world of short video content. Emily recommended filming yourself daily to not only improve your content creation skills but also to track your progress. By monitoring your growth, you can refine your approach and identify what works best for your audience.

In just one day, the challenge kicked off with a treasure trove of knowledge. Emily Walcott’s insights laid the foundation for a successful short video content strategy that not only engages but also converts viewers into loyal followers.

Day 2: How TikTok Live Made 200K in 10 Months by Amy Hiers

Day 2 was an exhilarating dive into the world of TikTok Live, presented by the remarkable Amy Hiers. Here are the key takeaways from her session:

1. The Line You Stand Behind is What Stands Between You and Future Good

Whatever excuse you are telling yourself is the thing that is standing between you and your future good. You have all the knowledge, you need to stop doing too much analysis paralysis and start taking action to get the result you desire.

2. Be Vulnerable to Be Relatable

In a world where authenticity is prized, Amy encouraged participants to embrace vulnerability. Sharing your true self, including your struggles and imperfections, can make you more relatable to your audience. It humanizes your brand and builds trust.

3. Quit Your Stupid Story

Negative self-talk and limiting beliefs can hold you back. Amy urged everyone to quit their “stupid stories,” those self-defeating narratives that hinder progress. Challenge your inner doubts and replace them with a growth mindset.

4. Just HIT Live: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Going live can be intimidating, but Amy’s advice was simple yet powerful: Just hit that “Live” button. Stepping out of your comfort zone is where growth happens. Embrace the nerves and let your authenticity shine through in real time.

5. Present & Sort Objections Before People Do

Anticipate and address objections in your content. By proactively addressing potential concerns or questions that your audience might have, you demonstrate expertise and build trust. Be prepared to provide solutions and insights.

Day 2 with Amy Hiers shed light on the power of TikTok Live and the strategies that can turn your live sessions into a lucrative endeavor.

Day 3: How to Turn Your Instagram Account Into Cash by Camila Markson

Day 3 brought us Camila Markson, an Instagram expert, who shared invaluable insights on monetizing your Instagram account. Here’s what we learned:

1. Discipline Leads to Habits, Habits Lead to Consistency, Consistency Leads to Growth

Camila emphasized the importance of discipline in content creation. Consistently producing high-quality content requires discipline, and this consistency is what ultimately leads to growth.

2. Content GamePlan: Attract Customers by Talking about Desire*Pain

Understanding buyer psychology is key. Camila stressed the significance of addressing both desire and pain points in your content. Highlight the benefits of your product or service (desire) and the problems it solves (pain).

3. Use Reels for Attracting New People, Use Stories for Nurturing Them

In your Instagram strategy, differentiate between Reels and Stories. Reels are great for attracting new followers with trending sounds and relevant hashtags. Stories, on the other hand, are for nurturing your existing audience by focusing on storytelling and personal insights.

4. Include in Highlights

Camila recommended including the following in your Instagram Highlights:

  • Testimonials: Showcase positive experiences from your customers.
  • Lifestyle: Share glimpses of your daily life to connect on a personal level.
  • Q&As: Engage with your audience and answer their questions.
  • Your Own Story: Continue to tell your unique narrative to maintain authenticity.

Day 3 was packed with Instagram gold, providing you with the tools to transform your Instagram account into a revenue-generating asset.

Day 4: How to Increase Conversions on TikTok with Quality over Quantity by Joshua Smith

Day 4 brought us Joshua Smith, a TikTok conversion expert, who shared a valuable framework for turning views into sales. Here’s what you need to know:

5 Phases of Content Creation to Convert Views to Sales

1. Identification

Identify who you are and why your business exists. Understand who your target audience is and who you serve.

2. Structure

Your content strategy should align with the structure of your life. Ensure that your content creation fits seamlessly into your daily routine.

3. Commitment

Commit to the quality of your content. Lazy content will yield lazy results. Dedicate yourself to producing high-quality content consistently.

4. Content

Quality content is the key to long-term success. Take ordinary videos and turn them into golden ones by actively engaging with your audience, such as replying to comments with videos.

5. Conversion

Boost the algorithm while building authority. Use pinned posts to eliminate objections and educate your audience on key aspects:

  • Origin Story: Share how your journey began.
  • Education: Provide valuable insights.
  • How To Start: Guide them on their own journey.

Additionally, consider creating playlists that eliminate objections, educate your audience, and keep them engaged on the platform.

Day 4 with Joshua Smith revealed the importance of quality over quantity when it comes to content creation on TikTok, and how it can significantly boost your conversion rates.

Day 5: Closing High Ticket Sales using the 3-Step Framework by David & Amanda McCarty

On Day 5, David & Amanda McCarty provided a game-changing framework for closing high-ticket sales. Here’s what you need to know:

3-Step Framework

1. Lead Generation

Utilize the A.W.A.K.E.N framework for creating quality content that generates leads:

  • Awareness: Show how your product or service solves a problem.
  • Walk-With-Me: Document your journey to generate curiosity.
  • Ask Thought-Triggering Questions: Frame content around questions and highlight your solutions.
  • Knowledge: Challenge objections.
  • Emotions: Evoke both positive and negative emotions.
  • Nice Over Nasty: Maintain a positive and helpful tone.

2. Lead Qualification

Ask, “Is affiliate marketing really for YOU?” Qualify your leads to ensure they align with your offerings.

3. Closing

Use the L.E.A.D.S framework to convert visitors to leads and then sales:

  • Live Streaming: Engage your audience through live sessions.
  • Explain: Provide clear explanations.
  • Ask, Answer, Appreciate Their Trust: Get to know your audience, recommend solutions based on their needs, and express appreciation.
  • Direct Them: Guide them towards the decision.
  • Sales: Ask for the sale.

3 Important Takeaways

  • A Confused Marketer Will Never Make a Sale: Clarity in your marketing message is essential.
  • Bring Business into You, Not You into Business: Make your business align with your life.
  • Treat This Not as a Side Hustle but a Real Business: Dedicate the effort and commitment required for success.

Day 5 was a masterclass in high-ticket sales strategies, emphasizing the importance of clarity, alignment, and dedication to your business.

Day 6: 0 to 1 Million Complete Roadmap by Jonathan Montoya

On Day 6, Jonathan Montoya provided a comprehensive roadmap to go from 0 to 1 million in your online business. This roadmap is divided into four phases:

4 Phases to Freedom

1. Hustle Phase

  • Team: You are the team initially.
  • Traffic Method: Focus on organic methods.
  • Offer: High ticket offers.
  • Skillset Needed: Master funnel creation, short-form video, email marketing, direct message conversations, and overcoming imposter syndrome through mindset work.

2. Evergreen Phase

  • Team: You plus an assistant.
  • Traffic: Organic with an emphasis on social, SEO, and community.
  • Offer: High ticket and multiple recurring programs.
  • Skillset Needed: Email automation, YouTube, building a Facebook community, passive leads system, and closing sales through direct messages, Zoom, and phone calls.

3. Brand Explosion Phase

  • Team: You, a content manager, and an editor.
  • Traffic: Heavily SEO-focused, including posts and emails. Repurpose content from long-form.
  • Offer: Develop your own signature bonus offer and create a stacking ecosystem.
  • Skillset Needed: Maximize efficiency with your time, offer killer bonuses, create multiple lead magnets, and master the art of copywriting.

4. Scaling & Automation Phase

  • Team: You, an editor, YouTube manager, graphic designer, and DM closer.
  • Traffic: Driven by ads, SEO, and affiliates.
  • Offer: Your own product, a stacking ecosystem, and high-ticket offers.
  • Skillset Needed: Craft irresistible offers, manage teams effectively, run profitable ads, and build a strong network.

This roadmap by Jonathan Montoya provides a clear path for scaling your online business from zero to one million and beyond.

He also shared about Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem (his system) and Freedom Accelerator (his signature product). Watch the Video to get those details.

Day 7: Unlock the Secrets to Convert More Leads Into Sales by Alex Ford

Day 7 was all about unlocking the secrets to converting leads into sales, customers, and money, as shared by Alex Ford. Here’s a glimpse:

3-Step Formula to Freedom

  • BA + EA + SA = FREEDOM

4 Types of Content to Create

1. Viral Content

  • Build a substantial audience by modeling what’s working and adding your unique twist.

2. Indoctrination

  • Engage your audience through education. Explain the strategies you recommend by addressing the ‘What’ and ‘Why’.

3. Conversion Lives

  • Build relationships with your audience through deep, unedited conversations filled with empathy and care.

4. Email Conversion

  • Provide clarity in your emails and be open and accessible by answering questions in the form of voice notes and videos.
  • Engage in conversations that lead to conversions and don’t forget to offer a bonus that sets you apart.

Alex Ford’s formula and content strategies are a powerful tool for turning leads into loyal customers.

Day 9: Scale Your Reach with TikTok Ads by Brian Brewer

Day 9 featured Brian Brewer, who revealed insights into scaling your reach with TikTok Ads. Here’s a summary of what he shared:

1. Boring Makes Money

Don’t underestimate the power of straightforward, no-frills content. It often outperforms flashy material.

2. Misconception

Many believe that mastering paid ads means you don’t have to create consistent content. In reality, content makes your ads profitable. Amplify what’s already working.

3. Know Your Numbers

Before running paid ads, understand your break-even point or better. This knowledge is crucial for making profitable decisions.

4. Content

Create content following the Hook-Story/Value-Offer structure. First, create organic content, and the best pieces become your ads across each platform, based on their relative performance.

5. Goal

The ultimate goal is to reach the Lookalike Audience stage and expand your reach further.

Brian Brewer’s insights into TikTok Ads provide a roadmap for scaling your business through effective advertising.

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