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Step-by-Step Roadmap: How to Build your First-Ever Affiliate Marketing Funnel from Scratch | Sales Funnel for Affiliate Marketing

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Watch: How to Build your First-Ever Affiliate Marketing Funnel from Scratch – Step-by-Step Roadmap

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Definition of Affiliate Marketing

According to Oxford Dictionary, Affiliate Marketing is a Marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays a commission to an external website for traffic or sales.

As you can see from the definition, there are three segments in this complete arrangement.

  • Customer: They are the ones who want to achieve an Outcome
  • Product Owner: They are the ones who have and want to Sell their Product that helps their target audience to achieve a result or solve a problem
  • YOU: The third one is You, who is an affiliate marketer. I call it a Connector/Marketer who is helping people to discover a solution for their needs and helping companies to get more customers. You are the one who will earn a commission when you refer someone to buy a product.

Businesses like Uber, Airbnb, and Groupon, all are made on this pattern. They don’t have a product of their own. But they connect people to the company and earn their commission.

Similarly, you can too. Let’s now understand what a Sales Funnel for Affiliate Marketing looks like and how you can create one for yourself.

By end of this article, you will also discover a product, that can help you to quit your 9-5 Job and build your own Long Term Sustainable Affiliate Marketing Business. Stay Tuned.

How a Sales Funnel for Affiliate Marketing Looks Like?

How an Affiliate Marketing Funnel looks like

As you can see from the above Image, the perfect affiliate marketing funnel is a replica of this. And every variation which any of the Gurus or Coaches teach is of slight variation in the above model.

This Affiliate Marketing Funnel Consists of the following segments:

  • Opt-in Page: Here you need to give some Valuable things for Free in exchange for their email address. This is what we call a Lead Magnet. And you need to create a Lead Generation Page to generate consistent leads. This will help you to build your email list, which is the biggest asset for you in your Affiliate Marketing Journey.
  • Bridge Page: This page acts as a Bridge between your lead generation page & the product you are going to promote. Once people give you their email addresses, they will land on this page. Here you will inform people, of the details of your product & let them know how the product will help them achieve the result they desire. Your objective should be to make people trust the product by letting them know, how it will fulfill their needs.
  • Affiliate Product: Give a Call-to-Action inside of the bridge page. This CTA will direct people to the affiliate product you are promoting. From there, Once people buy the product, you will get your commission.
  • Email List: As said earlier, this is your biggest asset. We will discuss it in detail in the section below.
  • Traffic Source: Once the complete funnel is set up, you need to continuously drive traffic to this Funnel. This will convert Visitors to Leads and Sales.

Let’s now understand the complete roadmap of How you can build your Affiliate Marketing Funnel from Scratch.

Business Breakthrough Challenge by Jonathan Montoya - Affiliate Marketing

Step-by-Step Roadmap: Sales Funnel For Affiliate Marketing | How you can Build your Affiliate Marketing Funnel

Let’s now understand How you as a Beginner can build your Sales Funnel for Affiliate Marketing Business & start selling different products in your Affiliate Marketing Journey.

#1: Find your Profitable Niche

The very step, you need to do is to Find your Profitable Niche [your topic] which not only helps you to make more money but also what you are interested in. As a matter of fact, in today’s day and age, almost every niche out there is profitable and products are being sold in each of them.

There are three main broad categories in this area. They are: Health, Wealth & Relationship

You can choose any one of these categories as people are readily purchasing products in them and you as an affiliate marketer would be able to make money by recommending them.

Chose one which you are passionate about. Something you are curious to know about or know something of. There are ways of doing it. Click the link below and watch the complete video to know about your Niche.

Learn: How you can Find your Profitable Niche in Detail

Your focus should not only be to choose one of the broad categories, but also go deep into that area.

For Wealth, your niche could be Stock Market, Affiliate Marketing, Sales, Email Marketing, etc. In Health it could be Weight Loss, Beauty, Fitness, etc.

Top Niches
Top Niches you can choose from

These are some of the niches, you can think of. Chose one and move forward.

#2: Understand your Dream Customer Deeply

Once you have found your Niche, the next step is to Understand your Dream Customer deeply. They are the person who has some desire & some problem they are facing.

Hence you must understand them deeply so that later on you can find a product that can help them in achieving their objective.

You must know the following things about your Customer so that you can align your Marketing message with it. This will help you to recommend & sell more products.

You would need to find out:

  • Results They Desire/You can help them with
  • Most Pressing Problems & Pain Points
  • Their Limiting Beliefs (Inner Thoughts)
  • Mistakes they are Currently Doing that are stopping them from reaching the life they desire
  • Questions they want answers Of

For knowing the above things, you can search in the following places:

These details will empower you and will help you to find the best products possible. As well as it will help you to sell them in a better way.

Learn: How to Create your Dream Ideal Customer Avatar in Detail

#3: Choose your Main Product

Now you have understood your dream customer deeply. You know what is the outcome they desire. The next step is to find an awesome product that will help your audience to achieve the result they desire.

Your Focus should be on finding products that solve a particular problem or help people fulfill their needs.

For example, Money is a problem that many have. So you can choose a product that can help people in this area. Like, you want to make money without creating your product and worrying about customer support. Thus you chose Affiliate Marketing. and I have a perfect Challenge for you that will help you in this regard (3-Day Business Breakthrough Challenge)

And when it comes to needs. For achieving success in this online world, you would need to create Sales Funnel that will help you to become profitable. And for this purpose, I recommend FlexiFunnels (which is India’s first funnel builder). Since you need this, there is no alternative, you will have to buy a funnel builder. Here I met your most important need, with a product I use, promote & believe in.

Similarly, you need to find products that help people achieve an outcome.

There are different market places, where you can find these products from. Some of them are listed below:

#4: Do thorough Competitor Research

This is not a must-do step, but an important step according to me, as it can help you to get results faster.

If you can find what other people are doing to promote the same product. This will empower you and will give you more ideas about how you can promote the product.

It will give you various ideas from which you can learn and model them to get results.

You should do thorough research about your Competitors and Influencers in your Niche. You can learn from anyone and implement it in your business for faster growth.

Find out about their, Sales Funnel, their Promotion Strategy & their Content Strategy. As an affiliate, these are the most important things. Research them thoroughly.

Click the link below and learn how you can do a thorough Competitor Analysis.

Learn: How to do Thorough Competitor Analysis in Detail

#5: Build your Affiliate Funnel

As discussed in the section above, build your Perfect Affiliate Marketing Funnel with all the desired sections. This funnel will consist of Lead Generation Page & Bridge Page.

For this purpose, you would require a Funnel Builder, which will help you to create landing pages for lead generation & bridge pages.

I use FlexiFunnels for this purpose. This is India’s Funnel Builder, which helps you to create your funnels, create websites & host your courses, all in one place.

Learn: How you can use FlexiFunnels & Build your Funnels easily, without writing any code or hiring a tech team. Read the Complete Review of the FlexiFunnels. [I am also giving a Bonus of ₹89,995 here]

#6: Nurture & Sell through your Email List

Your email list is the Biggest Asset for your Affiliate Marketing Business. It is the most fruitful platform for you that will help you to gain maximum profits.

After someone enters their email address and get’s into your list. Your Job is to nurture them & sell different products through your list.

This is an asset because it will allow you to sell different affiliate products together. You would not require to create a separate Affiliate Funnel for selling each of the products.

Plus the traffic sources that you are using, it’s not your own. And anytime you can be banned from it. But no one can take away your email list.

That’s why it is often said that without a list there is no business. And I completely believe in it.

There is a specific Strategy for how you can combine different offers & help people achieve a particular outcome using the products.

At end of this article, you will get an opportunity to learn from one of the Top Affiliate Marketers, don’t miss that opportunity. He will guide you on the Step-by-Step strategy of how you can create a Long term Affiliate Business.

The goal of your email list is to nurture & build Trust with your audience. Also, to sell your product. You can use the strategy of Value, Value, Value, Pitch. In this, you are sending 3 emails with lots of value and the fourth one is a Pitch for one of your products.

This I learned from a Book by Gary Vee called Jab Jab Jab Right Hook.

#7: Generate Traffic to your Funnel

Now you have built your Perfect Funnel that has the potential to bring in consistent leads & sales for your business. All you got to do now is consistently bring in Visitors to your Funnels.

It’s like your Funnel is an Engine& Now you need to bring in the Fuel (Traffic) to run the Vehicle (Business).

There are various platforms for you to bring in a consistent amount of traffic.

From Long Form Content like YouTube, Blog & podcasts to Short Form Content like LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Quora, etc.

And apart from this there are paid methods like Influencer Marketing, Running Facebook & Google Ads, etc.

But all these platforms & any traffic source follow the same pattern. I learned this from Russell Brunson’s Book called Traffic Secrets. Let me give you the gist here:

For any Traffic Source there are 3 things you need to follow:

  • Understand the Mindset of people on these Platforms
  • Exactly know where your Customer is Residing on these platforms
  • Create Hooks to Get People Interested in you

As you know platforms keep evolving. So to know what’s working then, see what major influencers are doing in your Niche and model them. Since these hooks are working for them there is a high possibility, it will work for you.

This is the Overall concept of getting Traffic from any source. Learn about this strategy & concept, from the link below.

Learn: How you can get Traffic to your Funnels using the EverGreen Traffic Generation Strategy that Works for Every Platform


Now you have the Step-by-Step Roadmap, that you need to follow to build your Affiliate Marketing System. All you need to do now is Rinse & Repeat the complete system for various products.

If you want to go in-depth with this system and Build a Complete Affiliate Marketing Business for yourself, I have a perfect solution for you.

72-Hour Freedom Challenge by Jonathan Montoya (who himself is a 6-figure Affiliatepreneur)

72-Hour Freedom Challenge

This Challenge will help you to make money and Quit your 9-5 Job. It will take on the Step-by-Step Journey and hold your hand to build a long-term sustainable Affiliate Marketing Business.

You can clone his FREE WhiteLabel Course that will help you to promote 15+ Affiliate Products.

He has helped 31000+ People to generate their First Paycheck online & quit their 9-5 Job. In this 3-day you will be able to build your Foundation for that business and get going.

Want to Leave your Soul Sucking 9-5 job and Create Multiple Streams of Income?

Or Read my Complete Review of the Challenge & make an informed decision

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