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19 Important Marketing and Sales Metrics an Online Coach Must Track to Grow & Scale your Business

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“You can’t improve what you don’t measure”

You must Measure every aspect of your business on a monthly basis so that you could know what’s working and what isn’t in your business.

Measurement will help you make an informed decision.

Your target should be to improve every aspect of your business.

Even 1% improvement can have significant impact on the revenue you can generate and impact you can have.

Let’s now understand what are these marketing and sales metrics that you should be aware of.

Most Important Metrics to Measure

As an Online Coach you need to do multiple tasks like Creating Courses, Running Ads, Creating Content for Branding, Solving your Students doubts, etc.

So it’s a very much possibility that one might miss something or the other as a result reduction in business growth.

Thus to help you with this so that you don’t miss anything, following are the metrics you should be aware of on a monthly basis so that you don’t lose control over your business growth.

Have categorized these metrics into the following sections:

  1. Influence Building
  2. Lead Generation
  3. Conversion & Sales
  4. Customer Satisfaction

Let’s know about each category in detail.

Influence Building

Metrices which helps you measure your influence building activities.

How impactful you are in attracting new potential customers to you?

The following metrics will help you know that:

1. Traffic

Traffic is the very 1st Metrics you should measure. It will help you know how many new people you are attracting on monthly basis.

You can do this using Google Analytics.


  1. Page Views: Total No of Unique Viewers coming to your Page/Website.
  2. No. of Session: No. of Times people have come to that page

You can go deep into this by using tools like Hotjar.

It will help you to know the time spent by your visitors on the website.

Also, you will understand which part of website/funnel people are skipping, so that you can optimize it and get more people to read your copy resulting in more conversion.

When you measure these you will be able to know how much traffic you are getting on your site and funnels on a regular basis.

2. Total Reach

Total No. of people saw your post on Social Media Channels.

You will also be able to compare your Organic vs Paid Reach helping you understand whether your ads are helping you reach your potential customers in good no’s or not.

3. Engagement Rate

This measures the percentage(%) of people engaging with your content

(No. of People who liked/commented on your content/Total No. of Followers)*100

It will help you understand which type of content is working the best, whether reels, posts, long video, etc so that you can create of these and get more people to see your content and build your influence.

4. Views per Hour

Attraction you will get in the 24-48 hours of publishing your YouTube video will determine how your video performs.

More the views per hour better the video performance.

This is determined on the quality of your video and how you promote it. Thus, after you create and publish your video, promote it on every channel so that you could get more people to view your YouTube video.

5. Total No. of Clicks

How many People are seeing your ads, posts & stories and clicking through to know more?

You will Get clearer picture about what’s working & what isn’t in your content. It will let you know measure the quality of your Hook, Story & Offer.

Better the Quality more the clicks.

You can use free tool like for tracking it. But if you want more advance data on various fronts of your business you can use Clickmagick.

Lead Generation

The following metrics will help you track your Lead Generation Activities:

6. No. of Leads

You need to continuously measure that which Lead Magnet is working best for you and is bringing in most amount of leads.

This will allow you to focus your efforts on those important magnets.

Use tracking links and tracking codes for this purpose.

It will also help you know which Platform is getting you most amount of qualified leads, someone who is need for your product as well as can pay for it.

7. Lead Opt-in Rate

Lead opt-in rate is the percentage of visitors converting to become your lead after after landing on your page.

Suppose 100 people landed on your sales copy and read it, not all will get persuaded and opt for your lead magnet.

But some will. Thus, you need to measure the lead opt-in rate.

It will give you an idea about how your copywriting, headlines, UI/UX of your page, etc are performing, so that you can optimize them with passing time.

A Small Change is this percentage can a Bigger Impact on your Revenue and your Business.

8. Cost per Lead

Cost per Lead is calculated as Total Amount Spend per No. of Leads Generated.

You must target it for as low as possible i.e around 20-100 Rupees, based on your Lead Magnet.

Anything above this means there is problem with your ad targeting or copywriting and must look into it.

9. Show Up Rate

Not all people who registered for your webinar will join your live session.

When people are registering they are excited and want to genuinely join your session for learning.

But Life Happens and they forget or ignore you session. Thus, you will see a dropping rate.

You will need to measure How many people are showing up to your webinar after registering.

So that later on you can customize your messages as well as measure the accurate conversion rate of your webinar.

Better the Show-up Rate, Better the Conversion Rate.

To increase this number, you must do the following things:

  • Send Multiple Reminders, not only in one platform but many i.e Emails, SMS, Automated Calls, WhatsApp Messages, etc.
  • Pre-Frame your Audience in such a way that they are eagerly waiting for joining your session. You can do this by showcasing some Case Studies, Providing them Valuable PDFs, announcing Challenges and Giveaways, etc.

Show-Up Rate also varies if it is a Paid or a Free Webinar.

If it is a paid webinar, show-up rate will be high as when people pay they pay attention.

But in this case the Lead Opt-in Rate will be less.

Thus, you would need to establish the correct ratio between them to get the best of both worlds.

10. Email Open Rate

Percentage of people opening your emails is the Email Open Rate.

This will be determine based on whether the person receiving the mail is Cold, Warm, or Hot Lead.

The sequence of email rate will be as: Cold < Warm < Hot

11. Click Through Rate

Click Through Rate helps you to know about your Email Marketing Copy i.e whether it is persuading enough to get people to take an action.

It is defined as the ratio No. of People who clicked through the CTA to No. of people who opened your Email.

Conversion & Sales

The following metrics will help you track your revenue generation activities which is the most important segment of a business.

How much Profits you will be making will determine how long you will be able to sustain your Online Coaching Business.

12. Sales Conversion Rate

Sales is the single most important thing for a business to grow and scale, without which a company cannot survive.

It is determined by No. of Sales generated from the people who showed up to your Webinars, 1-1 Calls & Summits/Events.

It also gets affected on what kind of lead is coming your way, Whether they are Cold (Someone who is completely unaware about you) or Warm (Someone who knows about you and your product).

10% Conversion Rate is an optimal rate which you should strive for.

If you are not getting this you should work upon your:

  • Mindset
  • Offer
  • Energy
  • Learnings
  • Experience

These will help you in increasing your Sales conversion rate.

13. Upsell Conversion Rate

Being an Online Coach you should sell multiple levels of Memberships & Courses.

The objective of initial course is to get to the masses and sell as much as possible and then as the levels goes up along with price you will be getting more qualified and interested individual who not only want to grow quickly but also want to learn it from you.

Your upper level courses should be created for them which could be more personalized and helpful than previous one.

You need to track how many people are converting to your Upsells.

This will help you generate more revenue for your business.

14. ROAS Measure

ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) is an important metric which let’s us know how our ads are performing.

For every 1 rupee spent how much money you are getting back.

Aim is to make it as high as possible.

For this your Funnel & Offer Matters the most.

15. Overall ROI

This the Overall Return on Investment which is determined as:

ROI = (Revenue Generated – Expenses)/Expenses = Profit/Expenses

Your expenses included everything, starting from ad spend, taxes, tool costs, operation costs, etc.

16. Refund Rate

Measure the percentage of people asking for refunds after using the product for sometime.

This will help you know what is the Quality of Product and whether it is actually helping your audience or not.

You should create your products to solve people’s problem and to transform lives.

But you can’t determine it’s quality by your experience your thoughts.

It’s the market which decides.

If your Refund Rate is high, then know that something is OFF, whether the quality of your content or way of teaching.

Improve them and strive to make your product World Class.

17. CPA

CPA is the Cost per Acquisition i.e The Cost for You to acquire a Customer.

Brand which can spend the most to acquire a customer always wins

We should aim for 2X Returns on our Cost. This will help us to put more money in.

This will only happen when you have Strong Funnel which will help you to square one or even be in profit after initial transaction with your audience.

So that later one the revenue which you will generate from your Upsells, Cross-sell & Higher end products is all Profit.

Customer Satisfaction

18. Customer Ratings

After your students complete your course or coaching program take their honest reviews on Trustpilot & Google Reviews.

Ask them to make meaningful comments.

This will not help you to get reviews. which will help you to improve the quality of product, but also it will create social proof about your programs.

Focus on Overdelivering to get excellent review.

This will enhance TRUST of new people on you and they will want to get associated with you resulting in more revenue & satisfaction for yourself.

Ultimate Measure of Success

The Ultimate Measure Metric for your Success is determined by the No. of People you help to get results they desire.

The goal of a you being a Coach should be to:

Help enough students to get the life they desire so that in process you can achieve what you desire.

When you do this and capture your students story of success, you will be able to show people what you and your product can help them do.

This will attract more students to you.

Your existing student will become an advocate for you and will spread praise about your product and help you create your own Brand.

By doing this you will be able to generate revenue on automation and live the life you desire.


These are the metrics which you should measure that will help you determine whether your business is running profitably or not.

Measure all these metrics so that you can optimize them and continuously increase your revenue.

But if all this feels overwhelming then Focus on Ultimate Measure of Success.

Do all your tasks for achieving it and all the other metrics will automatically fall in place.

So, let me know in the comments, in which field are you helping your students to achieve the results they desire?

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