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How to Create your Dream Ideal Customer Avatar for your Coaching Business

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Find your Dream Customer – Build your Ideal Customer Avatar

The most important and the very first thing you must do to grow your business online is to understand your customers deeply. You must know who is target your audience.

The better you know about this person, the better you will be able to serve them. Your marketing message will be better aligned, resulting in more conversion and revenue for yourself.

For example, my Ideal Customer is an Online Coach to wants to share to knowledge, interest & expertise with people and attract abundance in their life by creating multiple streams of recurring income. Especially someone who understand Hinglish [Hindi + English]. Since I am creating all my courses in Hinglish, so this helps me to go specific on the type of person I want to serve.

Similarly you need to be absolutely clear on who is your ideal customer is. Be very specific on that criteria.

Your goal should be to understand your Customer, in not better than equal to the way, they understand themselves.

So by end of this post, we will together try and create your Ideal Customer Avatar. Just follow along and try and think who will be your customer and answer various questions that we go throughout the post.

What is meant by an Ideal Customer Avatar?

You might be wondering that you are creating your course in order to help 1000s of people achieve a result they desire. So your courses should be able to help everyone.

But my friend those 1000s also, represents a particular category of people. You can’t serve everyone even if you dream of doing so. There will be specific segment of people only who will want to learn from you and whose problem you can solve.

That’s where the concept of Ideal Customer Avatar comes in.

An Ideal Customer Avatar (or sometimes referred to as User Personas) is a fictional representation of your ideal customer.

Imagine taking all the people to whom you want to sell your product or services, be it a thousand or ten thousand people, and combining them to a single person.

This is who your Ideal Customer Avatar or User Persona is.

You might be creating courses so that many people go through it and you get tons of attention. But in reality, you are talking to a single person (at a time). People are going through the course themselves and are trying to relate everything you are saying with their own lives.

Your message should be focused on that particular person. This way it can become personalize & will attract more people. Plus inspire them to take the required action.  

Why is it Necessary to Understand your Ideal Customer Deeply?

Nobody cares How much know, Until they know How much you care for them.

So Understanding your Customer Avatar deeply will give you the superpower of helping them achieve the transformation they desire.

Your goal as a business owner is to Understand them equal to if not better than they do themselves.

It is very important so that:

  • Your Marketing Message gets Better Aligned and helps you to Bring in More Leads & Sales for your Business.
  • You understand What they Desire deeply Or Know their Exact Problem, so that the product you create, be it Free or Paid, all are perfectly aligned to this, helping you get more conversions.
  • You can target them perfectly in your ads and save your hard earned money from getting wasted.

Create your Ideal Customer Avatar

Find your Ideal Customer

Let’s now create your Ideal Customer Avatar.

We have divided the Creation into two segment. Both of them are equally important for your Business. They are:

  • Useful for Targeting: These are the information you should know about your Customers that will help you in targeting your ideal customer through paid ads and helps you to reach to them with your marketing message.
  • Useful for Messaging: These are the information that will help you to deeply understand your ideal customer and create your marketing message and product aligned with them. This way you will be able to persuade them easily. These information will help you create persuasive copy for your audience.

Let’s build these for yourself.

Useful For Targeting

Start by giving a Name to your Character, to make it feel more alive. Someone who you could talk to and one who is craving for your solution because it can change his life.

Now let’s define first define Demographic of your Audience (How he might look and What would be current status. career & relationship wise). Then we will move towards Psychographic (What is he interested and where does he spend most of his time in the online space)


  • Age: What is the range age of your Customer Ideal Customer. Don’t say it is 24-40 or such a long range. Be very specific. Because the way you persuade a 24 year old & 40 year old is completely different. Hence be very specific. Noe if you go with a wider range, then you need to make sure that the marketing message should appeal to both. As a result you would need to hook them in with separate ads.
  • Gender: What is the gender of the person whom your product will appeal the most. It completely depends on your coaching material.
  • Location: Where is your Customer located. Are they present in India or Abroad? Then in which region. When you are starting out try and target people who are located in your specific area. This is because you will be able to relate to them in a better way. Your examples will be better aligned with them.
  • Marital Status: Is your Customer Married? Do they have kids. This is important because after marriage goals and priority changes. Hence you must be aware of it.
  • Income Level: You Ideal Customer can easily afford you and your services. So you must exactly know what is the income bracket of your audience. A simple thing which I like to do is, whatever is price of my product, I 10X it. Because this will be the minimum your customer must be earning, then only they will buy you product. There will definitely be exceptions, but most be apply to this criteria.
  • Education Level: What is the Education Level of your Customer? Are they graduate? Have they done Phd, MBA, or have other degree?
  • Occupation: Which profession are they currently working in?


These will help you understand where your Ideal Customer spend most of their time on, when they are alone. It will help you to understand them better and see the world from their eyes.

Find out the following information about your customer:

  • YouTube Channels they follow: To show your YouTube or Google Ads on these Channels. Or give & ask for their interview.
  • Influencers they follow: You can either show ads to their followers. Or build relationship with these influencers by asking them for a interview on YouTube or Podcast. Either way, you will be able to tap into their audience.
  • Conferences they Attend: People with common interests, conduct many conferences throughout the year. They love to hangout together, learn & discuss on the topics of their interest. Know about them and tap into these people.
  • Books & Magazines they read: It is the Books & People who we hang out with that determines how we feel. Knowing this will not only help you in targeting but also in your content. As you will be able to give examples around those books & magazine and attract people.
  • Topics they are Interested In: If people are interested in these topics, they would most probably be searching it online to get more information. Like I am a cricket freak. I want to know all about it, whatever is going on. Hence I search a lot and watch many videos on this topic. Find these topics and show your ads on sites which are famous for giving these information.
  • Facebook Group They are Part Of: When you know, you can join the following groups. Add value in that and attract people to You. This will help you attract organic traffic.

When you will run any type of ads focus on this targeting. It will help you to reach the right person. You can collect more data in order to make your ads work better.

Useful for Messaging

Your words are what will attract customer and persuade them to buy your product or get your lead magnet. Hence your messaging should be solid and perfectly aligned with your customer avatar.

Gather the following information about the Dream Customer:

  • Results They Desire/You can help them with: These are the Invisible & Visible Results that your customer deeply want. Hence you must understand What they desire. And more then What, Why they desire. Because the Why is what pushes people to take uncomfortable action. So must know the deep Why of your audience.
  • Most Pressing Problems & Pain Points (Current Situation): Understand their problems & pain they feel. The What & the Why. This will let you know their Current Situation and you can create a lead magnet removing the pain & align your message as well.
  • Their Limiting Beliefs (Inner Thoughts): We all have limiting beliefs that is stopping us from going to the next level. Know about those thoughts. Things people think they need to Have in order to become successful like Lot of Money, Lot of Knowledge, Lot of Experience, etc. Also, the Things they need to do like Follow a Strict diet & Do a lot of exercise(if your product is of Weight Loss), Do some extraordinary Marketing, Learn all about Sales, etc.
  • Mistakes they are Currently Doing that is stopping them to reaching the life they desire
  • Questions they want answers of

How You can Find These Information About your Dream Customer?

There are many resources that can guide you & help you know about your customer. Here are some:

  • Facebook Groups: A group where your ideal customer hangs out. There people ask many questions in order to clear their doubts. Read these question and also answer them then n there. This will help you to build your brand.
  • Survey: Take Surveys in these groups to know directly from your Ideal Customer, their Challenges, Pain points & Desire.
  • Quora: This is a Go-To Site for many people when they want some answers.
  • Answer the Public: This a site from where you can find all the questions people are about a topic.
  • Amazon Books: People have written multiple best-seller books around the topic that you want to create your course or lead magnet upon. Check them on Amazon. This will help you to find about your
  • Multiple Platforms that host Courses: In sites like Udemy & Coursera there are many courses about your topic. Take insights from there about Mistakes & Questions people have.
  • Competitors: Buy products of your Competitors and Funnel hack their funnels (Lead Generation Funnel, Sales Funnel, Webinar Funnel, etc) . This will also give you insight about your customer and also how you could position your products. (This is what we are going to cover in next section: As How to do Competitor Research and why it will fasten your results.)
  • Talk to People: Whoever you think is your Ideal Customer, talk to them. You can get all the information online. But when you talk to people the actual crux emerges. You get more connected with people. Knowing people’s “WHY” should be your foremost question in these talks. Because it’s the Why only that persuades people to uncomfortable action. Hence as a Business Onwer you must know it.

Still Unsure about your Ideal Customer Avatar? Follow this

If you are still confused of who your ideal customer is & who will buy from you. Then, Look in the Mirror. You are most probably your own Ideal Customer especially when you are selling a course. Think about the time when you were struggling yourself. Focus on that feeling. Note down the questions you had, Fear & Objections your had of not succeeding, Statements you used to say to yourself, Beliefs you Had, etc. This way you will have everything that can help you in making attracting the right customer. Your Mess will become your Message.

Important Things to Remember while Creating your Ideal Customer Avatar

When you are creating your Ideal Customer Avatar and defining all of the above criteria, remember the following in the complete process:

  • You can have Multiple Customer Avatar for Same Product. Here the way you will communicate with people will be different. You can create different funnels to attract a different class of people. For example, if you have a course which will help people in their communication skills. So here you have can have two target audiences. First one in working professional who wants to improve their communication to get a promotion or they want to change their job. And the second one is students who want to excel in their colleges and also want to land a higher paying job. So what you can do is represent your message differently (according to their wants). This will help you in reaching a wider range of audiences. Although the service will be the same. But your representation will help you in getting more sales & reach a wider audience.
  • Above we are trying to create your Customer Avatar, based upon their current situation. Go a Step Further and prepare a similar sheet of the Same Customer after they go through your Program. This will create a clear vision on your head, as to how life of the person will change. This way you will grow more confident about your Coaching program. Plus you will have more conviction in your persuasion.
  • You should also create a Negative Customer Avatar. Marketing is all about Attracting people who resonate with you and Repelling those who doesn’t. When you create this Negative Avatar, you will become more Focused. This will empower you to build a product that is perfectly aligned with your Ideal Customer Avatar and doesn’t attract everyone.
  • Don’t be afraid to go very specific on your Customer Avatar. Or think that you will get short of people who will be interested in your product. There are 150 Crore people alone in India. You will never get short of People. Just Continue focusing on serving people to the best of your ability and result will follow.
  • While creating your Customer Avatar (User Persona) for messaging purpose, I asked you to get Clear on People’s Why. “The Why” really matters. People maybe wanting to achieve same core desire but their reasons can be polar opposite. Knowing the Why will take your game to the next level and will help you immensely. In your Marketing Message or Sales Call, focus on this Why, more than anything else. Because this is the core reason people take action.
  • There is high possibility, you won’t be getting this right, the first time around. Don’t lose your focus or stop doing what you are doing because of initial shortcoming. Keep on experimenting. Do multiple tests and then come to any Conclusion. Keep refining your Customer Avatar and everything around your business. You will have what you desire because your intentions are true.


Now if you have followed the above process, Step-by-Step, then you would have made some amount of progress in understanding your Ideal Customer.

Feel Free to return to the article and refine your Ideal Customer Avatar. This is the foundation of your business. Hence spend some time here and build a Solid Foundation so that you can create a Long Storey Building on it.

After this your Goal should be create Product, Marketing & Sales Material all aligned with your Customer.

Become Customer Centric not Product Centric to achieve success in your Journey.

You have any question regarding Customer Avatar or your Coaching Business on a whole, feel Free to leave a comment below. I’ll try my best to answer it.

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