FlexiFunnels vs Systeme.io

FlexiFunnels vs Systeme.io: Which one to Choose in 2023?

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  • India’s First Funnel Builder letting you Build your Own Website, Funnels & Courses in a Single Platform
  • Pricing: Starts with $397/yr
  • Ultra-Fast Page Loading Speed
  • Piracy-Protected Course Builder
  • Advanced Funnel Logics inside the Funnel Builder
  • In-Built Advanced Integrations Available
  • Live Chat Support Mon-Sat from 9-10 pm & Sun from 9-6 pm IST
  • Mentoring by Saurabh Bhatnagar


  • All-In-One Marketing Solution for Business Owners
  • Pricing: Starts with Free Forever Plan and later $27/month ($324/year)
  • Built-In Email Autoresponder
  • Automate your Tasks easily with Marketing Automation
  • Host your Own Courses
  • Build your Own Community
  • Host EverGreen Webinar
  • Run your Own Affiliate Program
  • 24*7 Email Support is Available

The Biggest Benefit of FlexiFunnels is Mentorship & Piracy Protected Course Builder inside this Funnel Builder. And with Systeme.io is its All-In-One Nature. You no longer need any other tool.

The Biggest Drawback with Systeme.io is its lack of an In-Built Integration Feature. And with FlexiFunnels is the lack of an Email Autoresponder.

Read my Complete Review to get more answers to your Questions. I have also highlighted the better choice for each profession in the conclusion section.

FlexiFunnels Review

FlexiFunnels Review

  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Support
  • Overall Features
  • Pricing Plans
  • Page Loading Speed
  • Advanced Analytics
  • InBuilt Integration Available
  • Course Builder
  • Built-in Email Automation
  • Mentorship for Growth

Should I Use FlexiFunnels for my Business?

With a 4.9 Star Review on Trustpilot (477 Reviews), FlexiFunnels is India’s First Funnel Builder which helps you to build Websites, Sales Funnels & Courses without Coding.

Its main differentiation and advantage over Systeme.io and Other tools are Mentorship and Piracy Protection (Course Builder). The main drawback is the lack of the Email Automation Feature. You would need to use Other Email Autoresponder for this feature.

Start Converting your Visitors into Leads and then Customers

Systeme.io Review

Systeme.io Review

  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Support
  • Overall Features
  • Pricing Plans
  • Page Loading Speed
  • InBuilt Integrations
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Course Builder
  • Blogging Feature
  • Built-in Email Automation

Should I Use Systeme.io for my Business?

With a 4.9 Star Review on Trustpilot (1486 Reviews), Systeme.io is an All-In-One A-Z marketing solution for Business owners. Thus have built a blog, website builder, email autoresponder, course builder, evergreen webinar feature, automation, etc all in one platform.

Its main differentiation and advantage over FlexiFunnels and other tools is the presence of all Built-in Features inside the tool. The main drawback is the lack of In-Built Integrations features. You would require to use Zapier if you need to integrate with any other tool.

Stop Using a Different Tool for every part of your online business.

Features and Benefits Comparisons: FlexiFunnels vs Systeme.io

Similarities between FlexiFunnels and Systeme.io

These features and benefits are present both in FlexiFunnels and Systeme.io. We will be comparing the better option for them.

Funnel Builder

Systeme.io & FlexiFunnels offer a wide range of pre-designed sales funnel templates that can be easily customized to fit your brand.

The platform’s drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to create landing pages, opt-in forms, and thank-you pages.

With this feature, you can optimize your sales funnels to increase conversions and drive more sales.

Additionally, Systeme.io offers an A/B testing feature that allows you to test different versions of your pages to see which one performs best.

But FlexiFunnels has a faster loading speed. Its pages load faster than Systeme.io.

For Sales Funnels, Both FlexiFunnels and Systeme.io are equal and can help you. (The Advanced Funnel logic inside FlexiFunnels enhances this Funnel Builder, more on this below).

Course Builder

Using Both FlexiFunnels and Syteme.io you can create, market, and sell your course all in one place. You can

  • Create your course site with the easy-to-use editor
  • Integrate your course access with payments from your sales funnels
  • Give timed access to your course via the drip feature

Apart from this FlexiFunnels has more features like:

  • Your Courses are Piracy Protected
  • One can easily upgrade their membership with just one click
  • Plus once someone buys the course on the sales page, they will automatically receive its access without additional effort (on the next page & by email)

With these excellent features, It’s Fair to Say FlexiFunnels is a better course builder than Systeme.io

Customer Support

Both FlexiFunnels and Systeme.io provides excellent customer support.

With Systeme.io you only get email support 24*7.

But with FlexiFunnels you can do live chat as well. Plus you also get 3 Complimentary Calls for getting your questions answered or making the best use of the tool. The chat support is available in Mon-Sat from 9-10 pm & Sun from 9-6 pm IST

I have been using FlexiFunnels for over a year. And I have always found the support ready to help with any questions.

Differences between FlexiFunnels and Systeme.io

These features and benefits are present in only One of them. These are the additional features that you might require based on your business model. Choose one of the software that best suits your need.

FlexiFunnels Additional Features & Benefits

These are features that you can find only in FlexiFunnels but not in Systeme.io.

Built-In Integrations

You no longer require Zapier to integrate different tools and run your business. With FlexiFunnels you will be able to integrate with all of them and more.

This results in saving you at least $360/year.

Advanced Integrations

You will get mentoring from Saurabh Bhatnagar and Team for as long as you are associated with the tool.

He has added a lot of training that can convert a total newbie to become an online expert and gain huge profits. Training is included for every marketing segment of business:

  • Traffic Generation
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Course Creation & Marketing
  • Lead Generation
Mentoring from Saurabh Bhatnagar

He is providing all this training that has created thousands of success stories one after the other, over the years. You are getting all of it included in the main offer.

And you have the doubt-solving sessions (Biweekly Q&A Sessions) & group support from the existing community as well, to fasten your growth.

Plus, if you face any difficulty in understanding FlexiFunnels & implementing it. They have detailed Flexifunnels tutorials that will guide you step-by-step throughout your journey.

Advanced Funnel Logics

With Advanced Funnel Logics you can go beyond just a single price variation in Upsell and down-sell. Many Funnel Builders including Systeme.io gives you the ability to build your own sales funnels with upsells and downsells. But that is limited to only one price.

But with FlexiFunnels, you can create customizable Advanced Funnels for different pricing options.

Advanced Funnel Logics

As you can see from the image above, based on the action the user takes you can change the path and give direct him through your funnels.

If he says NO to one, you can show another offer that he might be interested in. This way you will be able to Increase your Average Cart Value.

This feature with such in-depth was present only in JvZoo (as I know of), but they used to charge 5% of your income. With FlexiFunnels you don’t need to pay this amount.

Remember, only selling Front End Offers will not make you rich. You need a solid funnel throughout your customer journey based on the people’s requirements to maximize your profits and grow your business.

Systeme.io Additional Features & Benefits

These are the features and benefits that are present only in Systeme.io and not FlexiFunnels.

In-Built Blogging Feature

If you don’t want to use WordPress and integrate different plugins to run your own blog, you can directly use Systeme.io for running your blog.

You will be able to create your website and blog and deliver your message to your audience. You don’t need any third-party tools for this purpose.

I would still recommend, you use WordPress for blogging purposes and not systeme.io. As WordPress is far superior and you can easily create a good-looking website in that. Plus blogging platform of Systeme.io requires improvement.

Community Builder

As discussed earlier, With systeme.io you can create, market, and sell your course all in the place. But that’s not it, you can also build your own community inside it.

You no longer need to use Facebook groups for getting support, where your audience can easily get distracted. You can help your audience and answer their questions inside the Community Area built inside Systeme.io as well.

You can build your own community using it.

Email Autoresponder

With Systeme.io, Your email list is integrated into your sales funnels and websites, saving you time so that you can send your emails easily.

  • You can send unlimited emails to your contacts
  • Set up automated email sequences
  • Keep track of your emails with in-depth statistics
  • Categorize your customers and send tailored emails to specific groups

You will be able to do all these with the Built-in email autoresponder inside Systeme.io.

Own Affiliate Program Builder

You can build an army of affiliates and track their complete performance inside Systeme.io. With the Affiliate Management software, you can

  • Track your affiliates easily
  • Manage affiliate commissions and payouts all in the same place
  • Publish your offers on the marketplace for thousands to see

This way you can build your own Affiliate Program and sell more of your products.

In-Built EverGreen Webinar Feature

Systeme.io is a cost-effective way to run an evergreen webinar. This feature is available from the Webinar package which is $47/month.

You will be able to create 10 evergreen webinars in this plan.

You’ll have a straightforward automation process that makes it easier and more convenient for you to host automated and on-demand webinars.

Pros and Cons of FlexiFunnels and Systeme.io

In this section, we will discuss each software’s pros and cons.


FlexiFunnels is India’s First-Ever Funnel Building Software which lets you build Websites, create Funnels & Host your Courses all in one place without worrying too much about technicalities or hiring a tech team. Using this tool and your expertise, you will be able to Launch, Grow & Scale your Business.


  • 300+ Ready-To-Use Funnel and Landing Page Templates with Drag & Drop Feature
  • Ultra-Fast Page Loading Speed
  • Advanced Funnel Logics and Sales Funnel Builder
  • Advanced Page Analytics Available
  • Piracy Protected Course Builder: Your Courses are completely safe
  • Most of the Integrations available (no need to use Zapier)
  • Excellent Live Chat Customer Service
  • Automatic Affiliate starting from 25% Lifetime commissions (gradually increasing to 40% after 30 Sales)
  • Mentoring by Saurabh Bhatnagar: Comprehensive Training and Course Materials available on Marketing for Business Growth (for any business)


  • Lack of Email Autoresponder
  • Lack of WordPress plugin (work in progress)
  • No Free Option is Available
  • A/B Test Feature is Unavailable
  • A 24/7 Support System is not available (Chat Support is open Mon-Sat from 9-10 pm & Sun from 9-6 pm IST)
  • 1% Transaction Fee for all the sales done using its Checkout Page


Systeme.io has tried to become a comprehensive A-Z marketing solution for Business owners. Thus have built a blog, website builder, email autoresponder, course builder, evergreen webinar feature, etc all in one platform


  • All-In-One Marketing Solution with many built-in sections
  • Funnel Builder: Helps to maximize your profits using Sales Funnels
  • Email Autoresponder: Helps you to Build your Own Email List and Nurture them with your Marketing Emails
  • Course Builder: Easily Create a Membership Website without coding
  • You can Build your Own Community and interact with your students
  • Automation Feature: Easily Automate your Tasks
  • You can Manage your Own Affiliates inside Systeme.io
  • Become an Automatic Affiliate of the Tool with 50% Lifetime Commissions
  • A 24/7 Email Support System is present (even in the Free version
  • No Transaction Fee while accepting payment using Stripe or Paypal


  • The blogging Platform is not that great (any day I prefer WordPress)
  • No WordPress Plugin so that we can use it (for Funnel Creation) and WordPress (for blog) within the same domain (no such plan in the future)
  • No Integrations Available (would need to use Zapier for this purpose)
  • Lack of Live Chat Support System (24/7 email support is present)
  • No Training/Course Material is available for earning profits from any business
  • Lack of Advanced Features that are usually present in stand-alone business tools (Systeme.io has focused on going wide and not deep and only on essential requirements)

Offer and Pricing: FlexiFunnels vs Systeme.io

Let’s now discuss the Offer and Pricing of both FlexiFunnels and Systeme.io.

FlexiFunnels Offer and Price

Currently, FlexiFunnels doesn’t have any monthly plan. You would need to go for the yearly plan starting at $397 per year.

Starting at a $397/year plan, here are the major highlights of what FlexiFunnels has to offer:

  • Simple Drag & Drop Feature: You can create Websites, Landing Pages & Funnels without coding by using the simple drag and drop feature of FlexiFunnels.
  • Get 300+ “Ready-To-Use” Funnel & Landing Page Templates for Sales, Optin, Webinar Registrations, B2B, Service Industry, Upsell, Downsell & many more.
  • Advanced CDN Hosting: Superfast Hosting helps you to open your pages in a flash, so your visitors don’t drop off.
  • High-Converting Checkout Pages: You can do one-click Indian & International payment gateway integration to increase your sales & conversions.
  • Piracy Protected Course Builder: You Can Host & Sell your courses inside FlexiFunnels with OTT-level PIRACY PROTECTION for videos. Plus you will be able to deliver the access automatically after someone makes the purchase. Your courses are completely secured.
  • You can Create Advanced Sales Funnels with multiple upsell and down-sell logics inside FlexiFunnels. Use Revenue-boosting features like Bump Offers, Coupons, Countdown Timers, Pop-Ups, Automatic upselling of courses, Callable links for Phones, Whatsapp & more to maximize your profits. You can also use Advanced Funnel Logics and go beyond just a single price variation of Upsells & Downsells.
  • Sub-User Access: You can give up to 9 sub-user access to your teammates or freelancers and give only specific permissions. This way you can increase your productivity without compromising your privacy.
  • Integrations: One-click integration with multiple email autoresponders and webinar platforms so you can run your online business on automation without the use of Zapier.
  • Advanced Analytics: This shows your sales & checkout page conversion stats so you can improve your page conversions & run marketing split tests for multiple periods. Plus you get a detailed Reporting Dashboard that shows your Leads, Sales & Failed Payments Data. You will be able to optimize every step of the customer journey.
  • 3 Complimentary 1-on-1 Success Calls giving you the personal assistance that you require while starting your journey with FlexiFunnels. Answering questions related to Flexifunnels and how you can best use it for growing your business.
  • Mentoring by Saurabh Bhatnagar: To grow in any field you must have a Growth Mindset, the Right Skillset & appropriate Toolset. A Toolset alone is of no benefit unless you use it properly and it helps you to grow and maximize your profits. And Mindset and Skillset require training and proper mentorship from someone who has actually been there where you desire to go. With FlexiFunnels you will get the right guidance from Saurabh Bhatnagar with Funnel Growth System. This includes Courses on Traffic Generation, Marketing Strategy, Course Creation, Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing, and many more.

Systeme.io Offer and Price

You can start your Systeme.io journey for FREE. But after a certain time, you would need to upgrade your plan and start with the $27 per month plan ($228/year)

Currently Starting at $27 (excluded Free as to be fair, for better use of the tool you would need to invest a minimum of $27) here are the major highlights of what Systeme.io has to offer:

  • Simple Drag & Drop Builder with Converting Landing Page Templates
  • Email Autoresponder: Starting with the FREE plan, you can have 2000 contacts and can send unlimited emails. Inside this, You can have 1 email campaign. The numbers increase when you go to the paid plan.
  • Sales Funnels Builder: Build Sales Funnels with an editor that’s easy to use. You can speed up the funnel creation process with the built-in templates.
  • Blogging Platform: Create your Own Blog inside Systeme.io. You don’t require WordPress and different plugins for running a Full-Fledged Website.
  • Course Builder: Easily Create your Membership Site in minutes and manage your student’s access without having much technical knowledge.
  • Community Builder: Engage with your Students and help them get better results
  • Marketing Automation: in the case of automation, workflows, you can only create 1. This increase to 10 in the Start-up Package.
  • Assistant Accounts: You can have unlimited assistant accounts in every plan
  • 24/7 email support is present to help you whenever you get stuck
  • Run your own Affiliate Program with all the plans
  • Evergreen Webinars: This Feature gets active from a $47 per month plan. You can run evergreen automated webinars to sell your own or affiliate products.
  • Free migration is available inside all plans except Free Forever.
  • 1-on-1 kickstart coaching session is available in the Unlimited Plan.

Comparing the Offer and Pricing, I could see someone would prefer Systeme.io over FlexiFunnels due to the additional features that Systeme.io has to offer at a lower price. But for someone who wants mentorship as well, I would suggest going with FlexiFunnels.

My Honest Personal Take on FlexiFunnels vs Systeme.io

Why I Prefer FlexiFunnels Over Systeme.io?

I use FlexiFunnels over Systeme.io for the majority of purposes. My Reasons for doing so are:

1. I live in India and have the majority of clients from India. So I have to use payment gateways like Razorpay, Instamojo, and Cashfree to collect money from my customers. Unlike Systeme.io (it has integration with Razorpay only), FlexiFunnels has direct integration with all these platforms, plus Stripe and PayPal (for international clients). Thus I can build High Converting Checkout Pages inside FlexiFunnels and better track my data. This helps massively in paid ads.

2. FlexiFunnels also provides complete Comprehensive Training and Course Materials on Traffic Generation, Affiliate Marketing, Funnel Building, Course Creation, Freelancing, Product Creation, Client Acquisition, and many more. Thus I don’t need to invest in any other course to learn all these skills and grow my business. Because anyway a tool is just the bridge that makes our work easy but we need to learn and master the skills and strategies so that we can take our business to next level and earn profits. Plus I really Trust the Founder of FlexiFunnels, Mr. Saurabh Bhatnagar, who himself is a funnel expert and has built multiple million-dollar businesses.

3. Its ability to Integrate with most of the Tools in the marketplace. Thus I don’t need Zapier to integrate my multiple favorite tools for running my business.

4. One of my major revenue sources is Selling Online Courses. There is a possibility of them getting pirated by various means. But with FlexiFunnels it becomes almost impossible to pirate my courses. Because every time there is an additional security layer on my videos (a feature built inside FlexiFunnels). My Courses are Piracy Protected.

What I Wish FlexiFunnels had Built-In? [Present in Systeme.io]

These are the options I wish FlexiFunnels had but are not Present. These are present in Systeme.io and can be reasons why you can choose Systeme.io over FlexiFunnels. These options are:

1. Lack of Email Autoresponder in FlexiFunnels but is present in Systeme.io. Email Marketing is a significant source of revenue generation and has the highest ROI of any other marketing activity.

2. No Free Option is available in FlexiFunnels but is present in Systeme.io.

Additional Reasons why someone could prefer Systeme.io over FlexiFunnels:

1. In-Built Blog Creation Feature (I prefer to use WordPress)
2. Creating your own Community inside Systeme.io (I could use it later in my career)
3. EverGreen Webinar Feature (starting at $47/month plan)
4. To Run your Own Affiliate Program Smoothly (this feature will also come live in FlexiFunnels but after some time)


Now you know almost everything regarding Systeme.io and FlexiFunnels starting from what it is, their features, their similarities, and differences, what it has to offer, pricing, the pros, and cons of each, and my personal take on both tools.

You have enough data points to make informed decisions on both and chose based on what fits your needs. Choose wisely and decide for yourself.

And if I give you my personal opinion of who should prefer FlexiFunnels or Systeme.io (based on profession), let’s discuss it respectively [Remember I am an affiliate of both the tools so the decision is completely based on my own analysis]

Who Should Prefer which Tool?

  • Course Creators

    Course Creators should go with FlexiFunnels. You can create a checkout page directly in the tool which brings in more money because you can optimize your ads based on them. Plus you get complete privacy protection.
    But in systeme.io Indian Coaches can’t create their checkout pages due to the lack of payment gateway integration. But can use the email software for email marketing purposes (which lacks in FlexiFunnels).

  • Affiliate Marketers

    Affiliate Marketers should prefer Systeme.io because it is more cost-effective and its $27/month plan is enough for most. Plus you can send automated emails, you don’t need to get people to transact on your site, you need minimum funnels, etc.

  • Agency Owners

    Based on your audience location, choose one that fits your needs. For a more international audience, go with Systeme.io. But if you have more of an Indian audience then FlexiFunnels is your choice. Because of these tools have what you require along with sub-user or assistant access.

  • Freelancers

    As a Freelancer, I would suggest choosing one based on the location. For Indian audiences (FlexiFunnels) and other countries (Systeme.io). But for anyone starting their journey and wanting step-by-step mentorship, I would suggest going with FlexiFunnels as Saurabh Bhatnagar provides Ste-by-Step training to get you more clients and how you can serve them better.

  • Product Creators [eCommerce, Software Owners, Book Authors]

    For E-Commerce and Book Authors, Systeme.io is your Go-To Choice because of the presence of more features and functionality inside the tool. But for Sofware Owners who will have multiple pricing options with multiple variations of Offerings, FlexiFunnels is your Choice. Because of the presence of Advanced Funnel Logics that helps you to generate more income.

  • Anyone Who wants Training and Tool both for Business Growth

    As the title suggests, for anyone looking for mentorship along with the tool, FlexiFunnels is your go-to choice.

It’s time to make your decision and chose the Software that best fits your requirements and interests. Get them Now.

Still, have doubts about Which Funnel Builder should you use? Or Want to know more about one of the Tools?

You can Read My In-depth Review of FlexiFunnels & Systeme.io and know more about the tool and how it can help you to grow your business.

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