FlexiFunnels for Online Course Creation

FlexiFunnels for Online Course Creators: Should You Use It in 2023?

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In this article, we will cover, why you should consider FlexiFunnels for selling and hosting your online courses.

You no longer need to follow complicated sales processes or use overwhelmingly complicated tools.

From streamlining your funnels for boosting your revenue to protecting your courses from piracy, we’ll cover all the reasons why you should start using FlexiFunnels in 2023.

Whether you’re just starting or looking to take your online course creation to the next level, this article is a must-read.

So, get ready to revolutionize your online course creation and start boosting your sales with FlexiFunnels!

Why do you Require FlexiFunnels For Online Course Creation?

FlexiFunnels for Selling Online Courses

Building your Converting Sales Funnel

Use FlexiFunnels for creating converting sales funnel for selling your online courses. You can sell them through:

  • Mini-Course Funnel: Create a FREE or low-priced course and at the end of it, upsell people to buy your premium course.
  • Webinar Funnel: Conduct a value-packed webinar where you are teaching people and at the end selling your main online course.
  • Challenge Funnel: You can create a challenge of say 3-day or 5-day, and help people achieve a particular outcome. Example: 3-Day Business Breakthrough Challenge by Jonathan Montoya for Starting an Affiliate Marketing and Quitting their 9-5 Job.

You can create sales pages, checkout pages and Thank you pages for all these funnels inside FlexiFunnels.

High Converting Landing Pages Template

Converting Checkout pages with Tracking

You can create a checkout page inside FlexiFunnels itself. This is really helpful for you as it will help you better track your business numbers and optimize them.

You no longer need to use boring pages of Instamojo, Razorpay, or any other payment gateway.

Plus, You can add testimonials inside Checkout Page to increase the conversion rate.

Ultra Fast Page Loading Speed

The page loading speed of the pages created inside FlexiFunnels is very fast compared to any other funnel builder.

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FlexiFunnels for Hosting and Delivering Online Courses

Create Membership Area

FlexiFunnels Course Area

You can create your complete membership site inside FlexiFunnels and host all your courses.

Drag & Drop Lessons (Along with One-Click Imports)

Backend interface for building your course area

You can have as many modules inside a course. And you can import lessons and links in just one click after uploading them to YouTube or Vimeo.

You can also create pricing bundles for increasing your profits.

Mobile Optimised Course View

Your lessons are completely mobile-optimized. One will not face any difficulty in learning and accessing the courses.

Get the Complete Buyers Data

For the funnels and membership area you create inside FlexiFunnels, you will get the complete data stored inside the tool itself. You can later export it and use it for any purpose easily.

Drip Feed your Courses

This feature is really useful for conditions like:

  • Suppose you have been given a 14-day Money Back Guarantee. So you don’t want anybody to go through your complete course and then ask for a refund. Thus you won’t give complete access to the complete course just after purchase. But plan it strategically and give part access at the start and full only after the money-back guarantee period is over.
  • Also, if you want people to not skip and watch the lessons. But go strategically and watch each video to get a better understanding.

Automatic Upgrade Feature (GameChanging Feature)

You can choose to sell different versions of your single course.

Let’s say a lite & a premium version. Only the modules & lessons which are selected in a bundle will be unlocked. The remaining will be locked.

This is a great way of upselling your course students. 

Even if they have purchased the “lite” version of your course, all the other course videos will stay remain present in front of them.

But when they click on it, FlexiFunnels will prompt them to enroll in the other course & your sales page link will be shown.

You can change the message according to your need and persuade people for getting more learnings.

Helping you to upsell your existing customers on automation.

Pros and Cons of Using FlexiFunnels for your Online Course


  • Highly Cost Effective
  • Automatic Upgrade Feature that helps to do Bundle Upselling and Get More Money
  • Automatic Access Credentials sent by mail and shown on Thank You Page
  • OTT Level video streaming
  • Course Videos are Piracy Protected with Video WaterMark and Security Layer on Videos
  • Mentorship from Saurabh Bhatnagar


  • Doesn’t provide data like Completion Rate
  • Lack of Comments Section
  • Lack of UI/UX and few others have better designs & Feel

Tools FlexiFunnels Can Replace & Save You Money

As an Online Coach, you require to invest in tools if you want to reach the maximum number of people and generate leads and sales for your business.

You would require to invest for:

  • Website Creation: To Build your own home on the internet. For this, you need to invest in Domain Registration like Namecheap & Hosting like Hostinger.
  • Selling your Courses: You need to invest in Funnel Builders like ClickFunnels for building landing pages and selling your courses. Email Automation tools like GetResponse for nurturing people and Webinar systems like Zoom for conducting your webinar.
  • Delivering your Courses: You would need to host your courses in an LMS (Learning Management System) like Teachable to give access to your students.
  • Integrator like Zapier: For getting all the tools to work together and integrating them.
  • Other Tools (Advance Users): There are more tools you would require for Automated Chat (Instachamp), Link Tracking (Clickmagick), Private Network (Mighty Networks), Appointment Booking (Calendly) & Automated Webinar (EverWebinar). But these, I recommend you use when you already have an audience and want to scale your business.

All these you would ideally need at different stages for your business. But when you start using FlexiFunnels, some of them can be easily replaced.

Online Tools FlexiFunnels Replaces

As you can see from the image above, you would be saving a minimum of $3,500 per year, once you start using FlexiFunnels. As it will replace Hosting Provider (FlexiFunnels is not ideal for blogging), Funnel Builder, LMS (Course Membership Platform), and Integrator (for major tools).

For a normal coach, you would only require Email Automation Tool & Webinar System apart from FlexiFunnels.

How to Create your Membership Site and Host all your Courses inside FlexiFunnels – Complete Tutorial

Watch the Complete Video and Know how you can create a Complete Secured & Piracy Protected Membership Area inside FlexiFunnels.


Now comes the Big Question, Should you Buy FlexiFunnels?

If you are living in INDIA, then I don’t think you should think twice before using FlexiFunnels. The reasons are:

  • It is extremely Cost Effective
  • You can create Converting Checkout Pages inside the tool which helps you to track and optimize for better results
  • Your Courses will be completely piracy protected
  • The Upgrade feature helps you to automatically generate sales on automation without your involvement

Plus if you use outside funnel builders or LMS, you won’t be able to better optimize your ads for conversions. Interlinking them with an Indian Payment gateway is a challenge.

The above reasons are also valid for people living outside of India.

The only reason one can move beyond FlexiFunnels is that they want a better interface like Teachable and some advanced features like comment activation, measuring of completion rate, etc.

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