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How To Choose your Profitable Niche as an Online Coach

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I will help everybody to learn Digital Marketing.

Everybody is my audience.

This was my motto when I first started my online career.

I wanted to help everybody.

While this is a noble thought but it’s unreal.

Only in my dreams this can true.

I know you have also thought this when you started your blogging career.

That’s why it’s very important to clear this misconception.

Everybody cannot be your target audience. If you think everybody is your audience, then in reality you have no audience.

You must narrow down.

Narrowing down doesn’t mean you will target people of 18-40 years of age, they are also not your audience.

Let me give you an example.

Suppose you want to sell an iPhone.

Will you try to sell it to an 18-year-old in the same manner as you would do it for a 40-year-old? No, absolutely not.

You will change your pitch according to the needs and wants of that specific person otherwise you won’t be able to sell your product.

18 year old will get attracted to camera quality while 40 years old will find its longevity & reliability more attractive.

If your sales pitch is different for them, so how can your target audience be everyone between 18-30 years of age? You simply can’t have.

So you must choose your audience and determine who you want in your community.

This is where Niche comes into the picture.

You have to find a niche carefully.

While this process is the most frustrating part for a blogger, yet it is very crucial for your blogging and online success.

That’s why this article is important, it will make your life easier.

But before proceeding to the process to find a profitable niche, let’s first try to understand what is a niche and why it is important to go niche.

What Exactly Is A Niche and Why Is It Important To Go Niche?

Niche is a field, area, or topic which is focused on a particular set of people who are interested in the field and want to know more about it.

You being a blogger and marketer choose to help them and solve their problem.

Going niche is not just a phrase that is used randomly in the digital world.

It is something in which all your marketing and business campaign depends on.

Basically the more niche you go, the lesser your competition, and hence the chances of your success increases.  

For example, if you become a digital marketing trainer for everyone, you will be competing with plenty of institutes, online courses, and other marketers. 

But if you position yourself as a digital marketing trainer for students who are 18-22 and are looking to learn and land a job in digital marketing, you have a higher chance of success.

As you are focusing on a smaller set of people and their specific problems.

Once you have helped and got results for your students, you can scale up or move to other niches and audiences.

Like, once you saturate the student market, you can also start digital marketing training working professionals.

You can even niche down more and focus just on engineering students. This way your message is more concentrated and you can become the go-to expert in it.

Going with the same example of above, if you had to create a content piece for a digital marketing job seeker, instead of writing a headline that says: “How to get digital marketing job”, you could instead create a content piece that says “Final year Engineering Students? Here’s how you can get a digital marketing job and earn a handsome amount.”

This way you will have a greater impact.

Mind you, the core of the content for both articles will almost be the same (getting a job is the same process for everyone).

But you have positioned your self as a go-to expert of engineering students which will help you to get their undivided attention 

When you go niche, you also don’t compete with the big guys, which increases your chances of ranking higher on the search engines and succeeding.

Now I am pretty sure you are convinced that you should go niche and target a specific set of audiences, then let’s talk about how you can find your profitable niche.

Top Niches You Can Choose From

There are unlimited Niche choices present in today’s world. Here are a few of the niches.

Top Niches to choose from

These are just scratching the surface. There is an ocean of niches around. Choose one and deep dive into it.

Start your journey towards excellence.

There is an immense opportunity and money in today’s market, get your own share out of it.

This brings me to the steps that will help you to figure out your own niche.

5 Simple Steps To Find A Profitable Niche

Let’s figure out your niche together and start your online journey.

I will request you to proceed further by taking the action in each step so that by the end of this article you have got your niche.

Step 1: Find Out Your Interest

After reading the above statement you might have said “Ugh! The same statement here again”.

Don’t worry I won’t be going through the same thing. Let’s leave that for the others.

I know it’s very difficult to figure out our own interests and what we really want to do.

But finding your interest doesn’t mean you have to be obsessed with it or know a lot about it.

You can always learn more.

You just find something that you don’t hate and are ready to put in the effort to know about it more.

It is necessary to do this step because you don’t want to be stuck in a niche you are not interested in at all.

This would be a disaster.

I also had to find my interest, and it was really a tough job as I didn’t had any such interest which I could say I want to do it.

I didn’t have any idea what Digital Marketing was. I had never heard anything about it ever. Just I was fascinated by seeing ads of a particular product on my Facebook profile minutes after I had searched it Amazon.

I was amazed by seeing it. I didn’t know how could this even be possible. It’s like people are spying on me. So, I wanted to know about it more because it was kind of interesting.

So I started searching to know more about it. This became my first experience with Digital Marketing. By reading more and more I got interested in it and now I’m passionate about it.

Similarly, if you know your interest it’s great.

But if not, then find something which fascinates you. There must be something which you can do every day without getting bored.

Search for it.

It will make your online journey a lot easier.

Give your self the priority and find your interest or something you want to learn about because after this step it’s all about your audience. You have to focus on your audience and help them.

And In order to help others, you must first help yourself.

Step 2: Choose a Niche

After figuring out your Interest the next step is to find your niche.

You have to decide how you want to help people.

Whether you want to help them in Career Growth or Business Growth or their relationship.

Then combine your interest with the way you want to help and that’s it, this becomes your niche.

For example, if your interest is in digital marketing and you want to help people in their career, then this becomes your niche.

Or if your interest is in fitness and you want to help people in reducing weight, then boom this is your niche.

You can scratch your own itch too.

You might be facing some difficulty in your life and want to desperately get out of it. You can search for the solution and the product which can help you with it.

Then if the product helped you, it will help others too.

You can become an affiliate marketer and recommend it through your blog, for which companies will give you commission and the reader will also thank you for helping them.

So, figure out your niche and move to the next step.

Step 3: Go Deep by Selecting a Sub-Niche

Next, step is that you should go deep within your niche so that you can position yourself in a better way.

From Day 1 you won’t be able to add value in people’s lives if you go too broad.

So, you should focus on one sub-niche at a time, and then after you have mastered it move to others.

For example in the fitness niche, you can start with yoga or in the digital marketing niche you can start with content marketing.

After you have mastered it, you can move to another sub-niche in the space.

This way you will be able to concentrate and have a larger impact on your readers.

Step 4: Add a Demographic Layer

Who are you targeting? Let’s define your audience.

Are they men, women, or both? What age group they belong to? Are they married or single? Are they professionals or students?

Figure out all this as a different kinds of individuals have different problems.

So by defining your audience this way your message becomes more concentrated.

You should go further into it.

Like what are their dreams and desires? What are their pain points? What constraint they are facing in achieving their goals?

This will help you to provide a personal touch in your message.

For example, if you want to help people to reduce weight through yoga, you can have specialization in women who have just delivered.

Or in the digital marketing space, you can have specialization in providing your services to hotels.

The segregation doesn’t necessarily have to be among people, you can target different industries too.

You can know about what problems they are facing in this fast-changing world.

All this information is essential so that you know exactly know who is your target audience.

And how you can help them in achieving their goals.

The more you know about them more it will be better for you.

Your audience doesn’t care if you have tons of knowledge. Unless they know what you can do for them or how much you care for their success.

So go deep in understanding your target audience so that you can serve them better and they don’t have to look beyond you.

This way you will also have your Micro-Niche.

Step 5: Check the Revenue Potential

All the efforts you have made until now from figuring out your interest to knowing your audience, you have done it so that you can earn money from your blog either through affiliate marketing or selling your own courses or services.

So it’s very important to select a niche that has the revenue potential.

Otherwise, all your efforts will be wasted.

You should go for something that people are willing to pay for.

This can be done by a simple keyword research tool like Ubersuggest or you can use any other tool as well. Just type in your topic name based on your sub-niche and you will have the data in front of you.

keyword research tool for revenue potential

You can see here that it has a very high search volume as well as has CPC (Cost per Click) value on the higher side.

This means that this niche has great potential for scaling.

Also here the SD (Search Difficulty) is below 40. This means you can scale up in this quickly if you choose your audience carefully.

You can do this for your own niche and see the result.

The search volume doesn’t need to very high.

It just needs to be sufficient enough (there is no magic number).

You are only doing this to validate your niche. So don’t deep dive into it now.

You can do it afterward while doing the keyword research.

I hope you have got an idea of how you can select your niche and validate it too. Follow the steps and find out your niche.

Now let’s move forward and know about some key points so that you don’t have any confusion while selecting your niche.

Things To Keep In Mind During Niche Selection

Below are the few things which you should keep in mind while choosing your niche. This will remove all your remaining doubts (if any).

  • The most common question which is always being asked is that “Which is the best niche to start with“. The answer to this is that there is no best niche. Which might work for you won’t work for another. So this answer could only be given by you. Whatever suits you is best for you.
  • You might be searching for a low competitive niche so that you can rise quickly. But there is no good low competition niche present. Even in the sub-niches, there is cut-throat competition. So, don’t be afraid of the competition. Competition is Good. High competition suggests that it is high in demand and it has lots of opportunities. So focus on positioning yourself rather than worrying about the competition.
  • You might have read the title “find a profitable niche” and thought that you will get here a niche that will help you in making a big buck. You will definitely get it but it will be your profitable niche, not just a profitable niche. This means that you shouldn’t choose a niche by only seeing it’s revenue potential. You must be interested in it then only it will be profitable for you otherwise you will only end up wasting a lot of time and money.
  • On the contrary, don’t choose a niche only based on passion/interest also. It must have the potential to be scalable. Like you may be interested in reading books, but you won’t be able to earn from it unless and until you are the vendor. So you can find a profitable niche only when you are interested in it as well as it has great revenue potential.
  • Select one niche and deep dive into it. Don’t put feet on two boats and get into multiple niches at the same time. Focus on one and give it ample time to flourish. I would say a minimum of 9 months to 1 year. Give it some time and don’t jump frequently between niches after a short interval of time.
  • Don’t choose a niche based on only products but focus on people’s problems. I know your ultimate goal is to make money. But money is the byproduct of adding value. So focus on people’s problems and provide a solution to them. People will be happy to pay you if you can help them in achieving their goals.

Personal Note

I am not a big fan of going micro-niche, especially at the beginning. If you can figure out your micro-niche, then well and good. If not, don’t waste too much time on it. Since you are not an expert in a micro-niche, don’t try to just focus on that at starting of your career. As most often than not, you are bound to fail. Go a little broader and focus on a niche. This is what I have done.


Although I have tried to simplify as much as I can because most of the people get stuck in this phase only and doesn’t take further action.

But again all these steps are just a guideline.

You are free to break them and make your own set of rules.

You may skip a couple of steps or add a few steps, whatever helps you in finding your niche

As long as your niche satisfies a core need or a desire of people, something you are interested in and has enough demand in the market, you are good to go.

And if by any chance you make a mistake then also don’t worry.

It’s not like that it has been carved in stone and can’t be erased. You can always go back and fix your niche.

The key is to start, not to wait too long for the right opportunity or waste time thinking too much about your niche.

Start doing things and everything else can be figured out.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me what’s your niche and how did you got to it? Or is there any difficulty you are facing in finding out one? Share your journey with all of us.

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