Customer Value Journey

Customer Value Journey: Turn a Complete Stranger to become your Raving Fan

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If you need more Sales, Leads, Clicks, Engagement, and Influence Building, you need to understand the Customer Value Journey.

Business and Digital Marketing are all about helping people achieve results faster and for that, you need to understand the Customer Journey Map.

As a business owner, it is our job to take the customer on a journey from a less desirable before state to a more desirable after state.

When you understand this, you will have a core concept with yourself that when combined with digital marketing funnels will help you create millions and dream of your life.

In this article we will be covering about, What exactly is a Customer Value Journey and Why is it so Important for your business? What are different stages of a Customer Value Journey?

Let’s get Started.

What do you mean by Customer Value Journey?

Customer Value Journey (CVJ) is a 8 Step Path a Customer has to guided through to Turn them from a complete stranger to become your brands Raving Fan.

It let’s you know how much valuable is a particular customer for your business.

Why is Customer Value Journey Important?

You need to be aware of CVJ because of the following reasons:

  1. To Understand the Customer Psychology: When you become aware of the Customer Value Journey you will be able to understand the psychology of a customer. You will understand what are their needs and wants and what product you must create to help them achieve it.
  2. To give Right Offer with Right Message at the Right Time: Marketing is all about being in top of mind your prospect when they need your product. You must be the first person a prospect thinks of when they are in need. CVJ will help you in knowing what should be your message at each stage of the journey.
  3. Save tremendous amount of your Time & Money: Once you understand the complete journey, You will not be wasting your time & money and all your efforts will be in right direction.

Stages of Customer Value Journey

source: Digital Marketer


This is the first ever interaction your customer does with you.

Either they see your Ad, Blog, YouTube, Social Media, Podcasts, etc.

It’s the first time prospects become aware of your presence.

Thus your message should be informational, something valuable, some concepts which people would be interested in.

See this they would decide whether the information which you are providing is valuable for them or not.


This is the stage where you are continuing the conversation with your prospect and they are liking your content.

Hence they are engaging on your posts and videos by liking, commenting and sharing the content.

Seeing your vibe, people will engage with your content.

You would have to continuously produce content which are full of information on various channel so that you are always on top of mind your prospect.

This will help you in building your brand.

In long term the ROI with brand building is the highest but you must continuously produce content at regular interval.


Till now you are interacting with people on other platforms like Google & Facebook through your content.

Hence they can easily change their algorithm and you will stop getting all the engagement or your ad cost will increase.

It will largely impact your business and you cant afford to lose it as your livelihood matters on it.

Being an entrepreneur you must be prepared for these situation.

Thus from start your journey you must create an email list.

Email list is nothing but the traffic you own.

It is not dependent on any platform.

No one can take it from you.

Thus you must leverage other platform and start adding people in your email list.

For people to join you, they must get something really valuable for FREE, so that they share their contact details in exchange for this lead magnet.


Even though people have now subscribed to email list and are regular interacting with your content.

But you must get some sales so that you can continue running your business.

You need to earn money to be in business and add value to people’s life.

Thus you must sell a product to the prospects.

This stage is the starting of business relationship.

You should start with something which is less in price but 10x of value.

This will enhance people’s trust in you and people would want to continue doing business with you.

This valuable product, we call it as Tripwire.

This is an important stage for you as now you can differentiate between prospect and a customer and converse accordingly.


Once people buy your product and do a transaction with you, they now have become your customer.

They are already excited after buying and want to get on this journey ASAP.

Your work is to provide immense value to your customers and enhance their excitement.

They must not only like the product but also be able to achieve results.

You must do everything to show some tangible results to your audience.

This will build their TRUST in you (which is the most valuable asset).

They will want to further do business with you.

Now you can pitch your other higher level offerings and your core product to maximize your revenue.


After they have got excited, your work is to not end the relationship there.

Since you have till now only sold your tripwire you actually haven’t made any money yet.

Now is the Time to Do So.

Based on your Product you will have Core Product (Main Product) & Profit Maximisers (Higher level Offering).

This is the stage where your business has now become profitable.

Sell your products and help people achieve their desire results.


Your marketing is great and you have been able to sell them as well.

This shows that you are good in your craft.

But does that tell anything about the quality of your product.

Not Much.

A products quality is determined by what results it is helping customers achieve.

To what extent customer are able to solve their problem, achieve what they want and get the transformation that they had desired for so long.

Results speaks for itself.

When you & product will help individuals achieve the result they desire and record it, this is let more people know about it.

More individuals will get excited about it resulting in more sales.

Collect Testimonials and Case Studies and highlight them on your Website, YouTube, Funnels, everywhere.

It will bring in more business for you.


In the Advocate Phase, people are speaking about your product.

They are sharing their experiences and letting the world know how your products are through your channels.

At this Promotion Stage, they now are promoting and recommending your product.

Either they doing it exchange for affiliate commissions or by choice.

Both ways it’s a WIN-WIN Situation for both and that’s what is significance of this stage.

Once people get to this stage you will get more leads on automation without spending much on ads.

You have build TRUST throughout the Journey and now is the time enjoy the Fruits of it.


Once a Complete Stranger passes through all of this Stages of the Journey, they become your Raving Fan.

Someone who knows about you and your product in an all.

They have had an amazing experience with you and now want to share the same with others.

When you will be able to Convert 100 Stranger to Become your Raving fan, you no longer have to look for customers and search for people, they will come to you.

You Vibe will Automatically attract your Tribe.

Get Started by creating your Own Product’s Customer Journey and align your marketing message with each of the Stages and Promote your Offer.

Goal is to Control every stage of the Customer Journey and drive people strategically to the end using the power of Funnels (Marketing + Sales funnel).

So, what does your Customer Journey looks like? Tell me in the comments below.

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